Nolano AI is a startup focused on building efficient on-prem deployment of foundation models.

Pitch Deck: Link | Twitter: Link

Our Progress So Far:

- Developed a proprietary Turbo LLM Inference Engine: Link

- Introduced LoRD, a novel paradigm for large language model compression: Paper Link

- Released an open-source library for running LLMs locally: Link

- Testing the initial version with a few Clients

- Released Hi-NOLIN, the best performing 9B Hindi-English Bilingual LLM: Link


Tejas Vaidhya: Co-founder/ Chief Executive Officer, Previously at Mila, CERN, ETH Zurichs, IIT Kharagpur. 

Ayush Kaushal: Co-founder/ Chief Technical Officer, Previously at Research at Google, UT Austin, IBM, ETH Zurich, IIT Kharagpur. 

Irina Rish: Co-founder/ Chief Research Officer, Full professor at Universite de Montreal and Mila. Head of Autonomous AI Lab. Canada Excellence Research Chair, CIFAR Chair, INCITE project PI 

More info:

Nolano's Blogs: Link

Research: Link

Paper on LoRD (A novel compression paradigm we developed): Link

Inference Engine Benchmarks: Link